YONGLI polyester gauze belts, or sometimes also referred to as polyester mesh belts, are used in many food and non-food applications, such as:

  • Washing, rinsing and/or drying fruit, vegetables and flower bulbs;
  • Drying herbs;
  • Drainage and washing of fish and shellfish;
  • Cooling products;
  • Filtering and sieving;
  • Washing of plastics in the waste recycling industry;
  • Drainage processes.

These belts are suitable for the transport of (unpacked) foods. They meet the strict international standards of EU and FDA. Furthermore, they are oil- and grease resistant.

Product range:

  • YONGLI gauze belt 500 mµ
  • YONGLI gauze belt 1000 mµ
  • YONGLI gauze belt 2000 mµ
  • YONGLI gauze belt 3000 mµ
  • Suitable for food and non-food applications
  • Custom-made
  • Available in various mesh widths
  • FDA and EU compliant
  • Oil and fat resistant
  • Good resistance to various chemicals

Custom-made fabrication

Depending on your requirements and application, YONGLI Polyester gauze belts can be fitted with accessories, such as V-guides or sidewalls. In the case of inclined or downward transport, straight or angled (finger) cleats can be fitted to prevent the products from rolling back. Edges are sealed and reinforced with PVC, TPU, TPO or Polyester side strips. For heavier applications, the belt van be reinforced with lateral and longitudinal strips for more stability.

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