YONGLI offers a broad range of conveyor belts designed for a great variety of industries and applications. From weaving of the fabrics to belt production and fabrication, all aspects of production can be done in-house. This ensures that every conveyor belt is produced according to the high quality standards that YONGLI sets and strives to go beyond. 

YONGLI's product offer can be divided into the main product series synthetic (fabric based), and monolithic (homogeneous). A number of special belting products are listed under Special Belts.

  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

    YONGLI PVC belts are commonly used in various applications. It offers great flexibility to incorporate industry specific characteristics such as: food grade, oil resistance, ISO 340 flame retardance, special colours, and more.

  • Polyurethane (TPU)

    YONGLI TPU offers better wear resistance and is better suitable for food conveying compared to PVC. Especially in conveying oily/fatty products. TPU belts can be made hydrolysis resistant, anti-microbial, UV-C resistance, and more.

  • Polyolefin (TPO)

    Featured by an exquisitely-made top cover with excellent physical and chemical performances, YONGLI TPO series is widely recognized for its purity and reliability by industrial customers. Based on YONGLI’s research efforts and application experiences over the years, the TPO series has become a mature solution for multiple industry applications.

  • Polyester (TPEE)

    Similar to TPO, TPEE is widely used in the tobacco industry. Furthermore, TPEE offers great wear and cut resistance. This makes it a commonly seen material for high demanding applications in tobacco and beyond.

  • Silicon

    Nothing sticks to YONGLI silicon belts! Especially seen in chocolate and candy processing, silicon belts have good release properties. Also, the high temperature resistance and good grip properties offer great benefits to many special applications.

Top cover profiles

Based on years of experience in the production and application of conveyors belts, YONGLI has developed more than 70 different kinds of top cover profiles:

Cover ProfilePropertiesIndustryMax width

No products found.

Tailor made solutions

Conveyor belts can be designed to the specific need of a customer by adding accessories, special fabrications or specific belt features.

Accessories: a wide selection of accessories is available to be installed on top, or underneath the belt. These accessories can be developed in different materials, colors and hardnesses

Fabrications: with the right blend of knowledge, machinery and creativity the possibilities to tailor a belt to the specific customer requirement are virtually endless.

Belt Features: based on certain application or regulation requirements, YONGLI offers belt feature customization to meet specific demands.

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