YONGLI offers one of the widest range of pintle belts available on the market today: YONGLI PintlePro, a family of belting products purposely designed to sort, clean, position or protect all kinds of products efficiently and effectively.

Pintle belts can be seen in belting applications in numerous industries. Despite the wide array of belting applications, the use of pintle belts can be divided into two usage categories: to protect, or to work

PintlePro Protect

During the processing of vulnerable products such as eggs, potatoes, or many kinds fruits, even the slightest impact can lead to instant product damage. A damaged product not only leads to product loss, it also brings more labor in the sorting and waste removal processes, making it non-sustainably inefficient. 

Belts from the PintlePro Protect series are made of soft pintles and are designed to treat the conveyed product with a soft landing, excellent positioning and safe transport. This makes the belts especially suitable to convey potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, paprika’s or even eggs. Especially in order to ensure:

  • Absorption of fall impact
  • Precise positioning for optical sorting

The wide array of different pintle shapes, colors and hardness’s ensure a perfect fit for every application.

PintlePro Work

With the increasing automatization and robotization, there is an ongoing desire to process products quicker, more efficient and with less human interference. With this high level of automatization, the right belting product can have a significant influence on the processing speed and reliability. 

Belts from the PintlePro Work series are made of often robust pintles that can be used to separate clods, stones, or foliage from freshly harvested products like potatoes, carrots or flower bulbs. Because of the great variety of belting applications, the PintlePro Work series consists of many different pintle shapes and hardness’s. Even the slightest difference in the shape of the pintle can make or break in the functionality of the machine.

With YONGLI PintlePro you are assured of the widest selection of pintle belts available today.

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