Before fruits and vegetables hit the shelves of supermarkets or grocery stores, they often have been conveyed over numerous conveyor belts that facilitate the detangling, washing, sorting, deep frying or freezing through industrialized processes. With the increasing level of automatization and robotization, belting requirements are becoming more and more strict every day.

Whether it is for sorting, calibrating or packaging, YONGLI provides belt solutions that meet the demands of all fruit and vegetable processing stages. The conveyor belts can be designed to prevent damage to fragile products and can be manufactured  according International FDA, EU and Japan food grade standards.

  • EU, FDA and Japan Food compliance

    Belts that come into direct contact with (unpacked) food should comply to strict regulations. When intended for use in the food industry, the various types of top cover materials are tested to comply with these regulations. Testing happens by globally accepted institutes according to FDA, EU and Japan standards.

  • Fall absorption

    Fruits and vegetables come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but they generally have one thing in common: they’re vulnerable. It becomes increasingly important to convey the products quickly and efficiently while preventing any product damage. The use of all kinds of accessories, or even specialized (pintle) belts can help to achieve the winning combination.

  • High speed conveying

    Advanced camera technology allow optical sorting processes to go faster and faster. This also means increasing conveying speeds. YONGLI belts have been proven successful in the field and are being used successfully on optical sorting machines around the world.


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