YONGLI offers a wide choice of conveyor belts with different surface finishes for the chocolate and confectionary processing industry. They ensure smooth transportation of toffees, sweets, chocolates, candies, and other confectionary products. The conveyor belts can be profiled with various profiles to prevent material from sticking to the belt.

Product stickiness is a common challenge in the chocolate and confectionary industry. Different top cover materials have different release properties, and especially silicon can be used in combination with high-sticking products like wine gums or chewing gum. 

  • EU, FDA and Japan Food compliance

    Belts that come into direct contact with (unpacked) food should comply to strict regulations. When intended for use in the food industry, the various types of top cover materials are tested to comply with these regulations. Testing happens by globally accepted institutes according to FDA, EU and Japan standards.

  • Excellent oil- and fat resistance

    The TPU and Silicon belts used in the chocolate and confectionary industry are designed to ensure excellent oil resistance. This enhances the belt's lifetime and ensures stable performance.

  • Excellent knife edge performance

    A knife edge helps to transfer delicate products carefully and efficiently from one conveyor to another. Due to the very tight radius not all belt types are suitable for this small transfer. YONGLI has specialized fabrics to ensure good long time performance of 1 or 2 ply TPU covered belts that go over a knife edge. 

  • Good release properties

    Thanks to various top cover profiles or materials a good release between belt and product is guaranteed. 


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