Especially in the conveying of various foodstuffs like chocolate, candy and chewing gum, but also bakery products like dough; products may tend to stick to the belt's top surface. The more a product sticks, the more effort is needed in terms of cleaning or scraping. This is often not beneficial for the processing speed or belt lifetime.

YONGLI offers different solutions to prevent products sticking to the belt:

  • Silicon belts: can be perfect in combination with sticky products like wine gums or chewing gum. However, the top cover is quite vulnerable, making it less suitable in combination with scrapers.
  • Soft TPU: the lower than normal hardness in combination with a very glossy top surface make these belts come quite close to the properties of silicon. The fact that TPU is more wear resistant and easier to fabricate, making it a favorable alternative to silicon.
  • Premium TPO: thanks to the excellent release on raw dough YONGLI premium TPO belts are regularly seen in bakery and even in small roller diameter applications. 

Featured non-stick belts:

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