Often very long and wide conveyor belts where wood particles are being sprayed into a large and thick sheet. The forming belt conveys the OSB, MDF or Particleboard to the (pre-)press.


  • High belt wear due to aggressive chemicals inside the glue or release agent
  • Belt elongation due to the long conveying distance in combination with high belt load
  • Wood particles sticking to the belt leading to quality issues
  • High maintenance costs due to short belt lifetime
  • High risk of 'trying' something new

YONGLI Solution:

  • YONGLI has dedicated forming belts that are designed for the application. The belts are strong and the top cover is designed to have a very good release, to prevent wood particles sticking to the belt
  • YONGLI forming belts have been proven successful, trying is not a gamble.

Relevant forming belts

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