YONGLI PVC or TPU coated conveyor belts for the wood processing industry are widely used in the production of non-solid wood board such as MDF, OSB or particleboard. Within this production process, conveyor belts are involved in many of the essential parts of production. Whether it is the forming line, prepress, or one of the many transferring lines, YONGLI conveyor belts are widely accepted for these demanding applications.

  • Excellent chemical resistance

    Thanks to years of close collaboration with OEM's and wood panel board manufacturers, YONGLI’s wood processing belts have good chemical resistance. This prevents chemicals to corrode the belt and avoids chemicals or wood dust to adhere on the belt.

  • Advanced production technology

    Thanks to continuous innovation in belt production technologies, belts used in the wood industry can have an excellent surface quality with minimal thickness tolerance. At the same time specialized fabrics prevent any undesired elongation.

  • Durable and long service time

    Based upon years of product development, YONGLI’ s wood processing belts have a proven track record that ensure good performance for different manufacturing processes such sanding, forming and pre-press. 

Panel board production

Wood grinding & spraying belts

Wood grinding

In larger flooring and furniture factories, the grinding of the wood is often automated by using wood grinding machines. The basis of these machines is a conveyor belt that convey the wood through a sanding line. In order to ensure exact positioning and stability of the wood once it goes through the sanding line, the belt surface should be consistent in thickness, wear resistant and offer the right grip properties. YONGLI has a wide choise of sanding belts, with or without top cover profiling. The belts can be delivered with perforations to allow the use of vacuüm.

Spraying belts

Kitchen cabinets and many other furniture items are supplied in a wide range of colours and varnishes. The varnishing, or lacquering, is often an automated process where the basis is a conveyor belt that conveys the wood through a spraying cabin. In here a robotic arm can precisely sprays the right amount of varnish over the wood. YONGLI offers TPO belts that have the right resistance to this varnish.

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