The conveyor systems in the agricultural industry require strong and durable belts, capable of running in all kinds of challenging environments. From harvesting vegetables to the transport of vulnerable fruits, YONGLI conveyor belts are specifically designed to suit their purpose.

Conveyor belts in the agricultural industry face challenges in terms of dirt adhesion, UV radiation and high impact or wear. Also low temperatures are no exception. Thanks to years of field experience YONGLI has designed custom conveyor belts used by industry leading OEM's.

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  • Abrasion resistance

    In agricultural applications conveyor belts can run in all kinds of environments. During harvesting of vegetables or flower bulbs stones and sand can accelerate the wearing of conveyor belts. Something which can be prevented if choosing the right belting product. 

  • Preventing dirt adhesion

    A good release of dirt in dry and wet conditions is essential to ensure a stable operation of the conveyor. However, with continuously changing circumstances this can be rather complicated. By choosing the right top cover profile and hardness this can be tailored to each application.

  • Tailormade accessories

    Within the agriculture industry the handling of each product can be different. In order to ensure good performance with all kinds of products, YONGLI can develop special accessories together with the manufacturer of the machines.


Specialist in agricultural mechanization

Globally, one of the leading countries in the mechanization of the agriculture industry is the Netherlands. From history, YONGLI's local branches that are part of the globally operating YONGLI Belting Group, have been at the forefront of this development.

By successful partnerships with OEM's inside the agriculture industry YONGLI has been producing many custom made belting solutions used on machines that are exported all over the world.

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