Founded in 2006, YONGLI Poland was the first YONGLI fabrication branch in Europe. What started as one of the first YONGLI customers in Europe grew to become one of the largest fabrication sites of the group, successfully supplying a large group of OEM's and end users in main industries such as food, building materials, logistics, agriculture and more.

From local farmers or greenhouses to multinational producers of building materials and foodstuffs, thanks to the strong focus on quality, customer relationship and service, YONGLI Poland has built up a solid reputation in Poland and beyond. 

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    YONG LI Sp. z o.o.
    R. Cruzeiro do Sul, 805
    13479-130 Americana

    T: +55 19 3199-4893

Modular belts made in Poland

To meet the increasing demand for modular belts in Poland, YONGLI Poland has developed its own dedicated range of modular belts. From plastic injection moulding to assembly, the complete inhouse production ensures complete control over every aspect of production.

The modular belting range includes:

  • Belt materials such as PP and POM
  • A large range of colors, even custom colours are possible
  • Different pitches, primarily 1 inch (25 mm), and 2 inch (50 mm)
  • Various types of perforations
  • A large range of cleats, sideguards and sprockets

Even custom product development belongs to one of the possibilities. 

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