Belts that come into direct contact with food should comply to strict regulations. When intended for use in the food industry, the various types of top cover materials are tested to comply with these regulations. Testing happens by globally accepted institutes according to international standards.

YONGLI produces conveyor belts that comply to EU and FDA foodgrade regulations. On request YONGLI can issue a declaration of compliance (DoC) for each belt that meets these regulations.

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  • EU regulation 10/2011

    On January 14, 2011, the European Commission passed a new regulation relating to plastic materials and objects intended to come into direct contact with food. This European regulation, (EU)10/2011, is designed to set out rules for the safer application of materials and objects made of plastic. It includes the substances and specific migration limits that have to be met under certain conditions.

  • Food & Drug Authority (FDA)
    The FDA is an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services in the United States of America. FDA 177.2600 requires the substances contained in thermoplastic, silicon and rubber materials must be approved by the regulation, thus to ensure these products are safe for direct and repeat food contact. The foodgrade conveyor belts that YONGLI produces are tested to comply to FDA regulations.

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