YONGLI supplies soft and flexible plastic covering material. This foam covering material is used for sorting machines, vibratory gutters and tables and hoppers as protection of vulnerable products. In addition, the material helps to avoid unnecessary wear and tear, sticking of products and build-up of rust. It also reduces noise.

YONGLI foam covering material is multi-functional and available in 2 types:

Used for protection of vulnerable crops in e.g. sorting machines, vibratory gutters and hoppers. The material can also serve as basis for shock absorbing material and for creating the arches on a YONGLI belt with arches. Nederlanding is available in the colours white and black.

Is a PVC foam with a soft, wear resistant, closed topcoating. This topcoating does not have a polyester reinforcement which makes it more elastic and flexible than Nederlanding. Carefall is available in black and blue and is suitable for the transport of foodstuffs.

With the help of an AutoCAD drawing we can cut the material in any required design. Both types are also available in a self-adhesive construction. 

  • Optimal protection for vulnerable products
  • With or without polyester reinforcement
  • Can be cut in any shape or size using CNC
  • Suitable for the transport of foodstuffs (Carefall)
  • Self adhesive types available
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