Transmission belts are used in a wide variety of industries such as logistics, wood and packaging. In all kinds of different application methods. YONGLI offers a broad range of transmission belts that can be manufactured to customer specific requirements.

Generally, transmission belts can be divided into two categories:

  • Nylon Core transmission belts
  • Polyester Core transmission belts

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  • Polyamide Core transmission belts

    Polyamide (Nylon) tension layer coated with synthetic nitrile rubber. This combination ensures exceptionally high strength combined with strong wear and impact resistance and a high temperature range. Endlessing can be done using a skived joint with bonding agent.

  • Polyester Core transmission belts

    Polyester core transmission belts are lighter, more flexible and can be welded without using any additives thanks to their thermoplastic characteristics. A better alternative mostly for the relatively lighter transmission belt applications.


Energy-saving belts

YONGLI produces transmission belts that are light, flexible, strong and can easily be joined benefiting from the thermoplastic characteristics of the material. Thanks to their enhanced flexibility and low product weight they contribute to approximately 5-20% energy saving compared to traditional solutions.

YONGLI energy saving belts are produced using special synthetic nitrile rubber as the driving and friction layer. Thermoplastic Elastomer is used as the intermediate layer, offering the right blend of flexibility and bonding strength for when the belts are made endless. The high-strength and low-stretch polyester fabric is used as the strong tension layer. Furthermore, the belts are unsensitive for fluctuation in temperature or humidity.

The belts can easily be made endless by welding them in specialized presses without the need for glue or other additives. The joints will be strong and flat. 

At present, YONGLI energy saving belts have been widely used as for example live roller belts at roller conveyors or transmission belts within printing, paper, packaging, textile, tobacco and logistics industries.

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