YONGLI modular belts & chains are made of molded thermoplastics with rod hinges as joint mechanism,  and are designed for multi-industry applications. Its all-plastic design offers the products superior performance and durability in various applications. At the same time, the belts remain customizable to different dimensions thanks to the flexible bricklaid structure. Based on different application demands, accessories can also be fabricated to specific requirements.

As a part of the efforts to facilitate YONGLI’s global presence as a reliable belt solution provider, smart production plants are set up in both Asia and Europe to meet the stringent global demands of both delivery and quality.

  • Lower maintenance costs
    The flexible modular construction offers each of the belt piece possiblity to be replaced independently, thus lowering dramatically the maintenance costs.
  • Minimizing downtime
    YONGLI modular belt & chains enjoys long service life, offering consistent performance without frequent maintenance. In case maintenance is needed, the belt’s rod hinge design ensures the belts require only minimal tools to replace a modular piece in a short time, demanding neither lubricates nor further adjustment to the equipment. Thus it would ensure quick recovery of operation to boost the overall production efficiency.
  • Flexible configuration
    By combining various modules, pitch types and accessories, YONGLI can tailor a belt to meet strigent application requirements. Different types of perforations combined with different kinds of accessories (cleats, side guards, grip inserts) ensure extensive customization options.


YONGLI modular belts & chains are produced in standard materials such as PP (Polypropylene) and POM (Polyoxymethylene/Acetal), which together cover most the modular belting need.

PP offers good impact resistance and is suitable for high temperatures up to 100°C, which is why it’s generally considered as the most popular material. The downsides? It is not suitable for temperatures below 0°C and is slightly softer than POM which makes it more sensitive for wearing.

In many cases if PP does not meet the requirements, POM does. POM could handle lower temperatures down to around -45°C and is very strong material in terms of pulling strength. The hardness makes the material less sensitive to wearing and makes it suitable for accumulation. 

Modular belts & chains are available in different pitches, perforations and colours.

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