When a belt slips on the pulley, it shortens the lifespan of the belt considerably. Moreover, the drum engines and bearings are heavily burdened too. And as a result: they will wear out faster. The solution is as simple as effective: cover your pulley(s) with the professional anti-slip covering material of YONGLI.

Our product range
Depending on the application and your requirements, we can apply different types of covering materials, such as:

• PVC anti-slip coating
Available in various colours, thicknesses and profile types. Also available as self-adhesive tape.
• TPU anti-slip coating
TPU anti-slip coating is extra wear-resistant. Available in various colours, hardnesses and profile types.
• Rubber anti-slip coating
Available in 6 and 8 mm thick diamond profile in various hardnesses. Can also be combined with YONGLI PintlePro products.
• Hot vulcanized materials

We supply drum covering material for both non-food and food (FDA/EU complied) applications. 

  • Extends the lifespan of belts, drums and bearings
  • Available in TPU, PVC and rubber
  • Available in various colours and profile types
  • For both non-food and food (FDA/EU complied) applications
  • Also available incl. AluTrom
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