Curve belts are highly convenient when a product needs to change direction in a relatively small space or without drastically moving the product. However, behind this seemingly easy process lies a technical challenge. Curve belts can only be suitable if the belt material is purposely designed for its application, and are made exactly according to the dimensions. Even the slightest tolerances may have impact on the performance of the belt.

YONGLI curve belts are produced in both PU and PVC and are available in various colors and thicknesses. Depending on the application, the belts can be fitted with various accessories, such as holes (with or without eyelets), guides and spill edges.

By using computer-controlled cutting machinery, the measuring and cutting of curve belts is completely automated, using an AutoCAD drawing as the primary source. As a result, the millimetre precision cut belt will transport products effortlessly through curves.



Featured curve belts:

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