YONGLI monolithic cleats are available in many shapes and sizes, mainly made from PVC and TPU. Key characteristic for these cleats are their stability, flexibility and abrasion resistance. Monolithic cleats are available in:

  • Straight cleats on foot
  • Angled cleats on foot
  • Bent cleats on foot

TPU cleats can meet international food grade standards FDA and EU, making them perfectly suitable to convey unpacked foodstuffs. This also applies to white and blue PVC cleats.

HygienePro TPU cleats

Especially for the conveying of higher product loads combined with high-hygiene demanding applications, YONGLI can supply HygienePro belts with monolithic TPU cleats. In such applications fabric reinforced cleats are not advised due to the fabric exposure. These robust monolithic TPU cleats offer a high strength without compromising in hygiene standards. HygienePro TPU cleats can be supplied into multiple shapes:

  • Straight cleats
  • Angled cleats 
  • Scooped cleats
  • Straight cleats with gussets
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