Rapid roller doors are used inside many warehouses, clean rooms, food processing or industrial facilities that have frequent traffic by people, forklift trucks or any other internal transport. They allow two spaces to be separated (desired because of temperature, cleanliness, security, etc.) without having the waiting time, energy consumption or instalment costs that come with conventional overhead doors. Rapid roller doors can be opened in a matter of seconds and consume less energy thanks to their lower weight.

YONGLI produces 2 ply laminated polyester fabrics impregnated with PVC, serving as the base material for rapid roller doors. On customer request the material can be flame retardant, low temperature resistant and can be supplied in a great variety of colours.


  • ISO 340 Flame Retardant

    If specifically requested, YONGLI can produce Rapid roller door material to be compliant to ISO 340. This means, in case of fire, the roller door material can be self-extinguished within 15 seconds.

  • Low temperature resistance

    In some environments the standard temperature range of -10°C is not enough. On customer's request YONGLI can produce rapid roll door material suitable for use in temperatures down to -30°C.

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