Conveyor belts play an important role in the quality and efficiency of machines in the packaging industry, an industry closely linked to production processes within for example food processing and the production of building materials.

Transporting vertically and horizontally, offering the right grip properties, optical sorting processes, metal detectors, precise positioning, turning and sliding... These are just a selection of the many challenges and characteristics relevant to the packaging industry.

YONGLI has developed a wide range of synthetic conveyor belts. Each with its own specific properties.

  • Excellent grip and release properties

    In the search for the perfect combination of grip and release properties, minor differences may have major impacts. Thanks to the wide choice of top cover materials in different Shore A hardness's, YONGLI has, or otherwise will develop, the right product for the application.

  • For both non-food and food applications

    Conveyor belts are often involved in the packaging of many different kinds of foodstuffs. YONGLI supplies conveyor belts developed to comply to international EU, FDA and Japan food grade standards. 

  • Precise positioning and tracking

    Whether it is to properly apply the packaging around a product, to ensure even amounts inside the package, or to apply labels to the package, the more automated the process is, the more important exact product positioning becomes. Conveyor belts must be free from slipping, or should even be driven synchronized to ensure a continuously smooth operation.


Customized solutions

Within packaging applications, often not one challenge is the same. The great variety of products to be packed, the many types of packaging, the process of how products are packed, or the ever changing circumstances (temperature, humidity) make that each challenge is different.

To meet the requirement of each individual application, YONGLI has a very wide product range of conveyor belts. YONGLI is always open to grow with customers. We are dedicated to design conveying solutions for specific applications. These customizations may include:

  • Different types of top cover materials
  • Different colours
  • A wide selection of top cover patterns
  • A great variety of fabrications

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