YONGLI develops conveyor belt solutions for the textile printing industry. Thanks to years of field experience and product development YONGLI has acquired a wide knowledge of the specific conveyor belt requirements of this industry.

Thickness tolerances, chemical resistance and minimizing belt elongation are some of the most important challenges when it comes to textile printing. Every defect on the conveyor belt can be reflected on the printing results of the textile. YONGLI is one of the few belt solution providers to meet these strict requirements.

  • Accuracy

    Stable operating speed and constant elongation are the critical factors of printing precision. YONGLI printing blankets are produced by world-class production equipment in constant humidity and temperature. Their uniform thickness guarantees a constantly flat printing surface while the optimized tensile layer ensures constant elongation during its long service life. Both contributing to a long and steady printing quality throughout the belt's lifetime.

  • High lateral stiffness

    YONGLI printing blankets are produced with high lateral stiffness in order to ensure excellent belt flatness and high tracking accuracy during its long service life under the different working conditions.

  • Chemical resistance

    Thanks to its selection of top-grade TPU raw materials and the ability of inhouse material modification, YONGLI has optimized the chemical resistance properties of printing blankets. This ultimately leads to a better performance and longer belt lifetimes.

  • Heat resistance

    Some printing machines are designed with heating devices for applying thermosensitive adhesives, this requires printing blankets to be heat resistant. YONGLI printing blankets have improved heat resistance to ensure a stable operation in high temperatures.

  • Reliable splicing

    Printing blankets are usually made endless on site, which can be quite challenging if the tolerances are critical. YONGLI printing blankets are designed with on-site splicing in mind and ensure a splicing quality and material performance without compromises.

Screen (Rotary & Flatbed) printing

Screen printing is the primary technique that textile printing uses, including rotary printing and flatbed printing. Both printing methods demand printing blankets to have high precision and good chemical resistance. Through material and structural innovation YONGLI produces rotary and flatbed printing belts that ensure:

  • A high precision top cover with minimum tolerance;
  • Excellent chemical resistance;
  • An abrasion-free belt construction.

Digital printing

In digital printing machines, traditional printing screens are replaced with ink-jet print heads. With this technique, digital printing machines are suitable for printing high-quality patterns on various fabric materials. YONGLI printing blankets are designed with enhanced rigidity to meet the demands of direct digital printing:

  • A high precision top cover with minimum tolerance;
  • Enhanced transversal rigidity;
  • Long service life.
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