As the demand for nonwoven fabric continues to rise, achieving both quality and efficiency in production is crucial. YONGLI enhances nonwoven production processes with higher processing speeds and reduced downtime, ensuring superior performance.

Through active collaboration with leading OEMs in R&D, YONGLI provides tailored belting solutions that meet the specific requirements of nonwoven products. Adhering to strict international standards, YONGLI’s solutions support a diverse range of applications, including medical and hygiene products, geotextile, construction, and automation.


  • High conductive belt structure
    Thanks to its innovative permanent three-direction conductivity, the crosslapper belt effectively discharges static electricity throughout its entire service life, preventing safety risks from static buildup: No risk of static electricity buildup, suitable for various types of nonwoven fiber and no attraction to the web.
  • Top-and-bottom antistatic
    To prevent common issues in nonwoven production, such as sticking fibers and the accumulation of static electricity, YONGLI offers antistatic features on both the top and bottom covers.
  • Extra width up to 8 meters with antistatic top cover
    After crosslapping, the width of the nonwoven web can reach up to 8 meters. YONGLI offers extra-width belting solutions for nonwoven production. All top-and-bottom antistatic belts can be fabricated up to 8 meters without compromising their antistatic and tracking performance.
  • Complete guiderope solution
    YONGLI offers a complete guiderope solution for precise tracking performance.
  • Light-weight
    The lightweight belt structure is explicitly designed for high-speed operation, making it ideal for high-speed crosslapping.
  • Flame retardant available
    Compliant with the ISO 340 standard, YONGLI flame retardant belts provide a safe conveying environment for nonwoven production, reducing safety risks in the process.

Risks & solutions of static electricity buildup

Nonwoven production is sensitive to static electricity. Even slight accumulation can lead to significant production loss or safety incidents. The major problems caused by static electricity include:

  • Electrostatic Attraction (ESA): Causes nonwoven fiber or web to stick to the belt, which is particularly problematic during the crosslapping process.
  • Uncontrolled Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): Can cause electric shocks and potentially lead to fires in the workspace.

Static electricity buildup is usually caused by the friction between the nonwoven web and the top of the belt, as well as the rollers with the bottom of the belt. YONGLI offers reliable solutions to prevent electrostatic issues:

  • Three-Direction Conductivity: Discharges static electricity from three directions.
  • Top and Bottom Antistatic: Achieved by using antistatic elements on both the top and bottom.
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