Benefiting from years of experience, YONGLI has the expertise to manufacture reliable treadmill belts compliant to international quality standards. YONGLI treadmill belts ensure consistent performance over a long period of time, making jogging a real enjoyment.

YONGLI treadmill belts come in various thicknesses, strengths and top cover structures. The belts are designed to ensure a long lifespan for treadmills at both home and gym. 

  • Highly efficient mass fabrication

    In order to keep up with the demand for globally renowned treadmill manufacturers, YONGLI has set up a dedicated treadmill department with high level of automatization in the production process, ensuring a cost-efficient production.

  • OEM Logo in top cover

    YONGLI can equip each treadmill belt with a logo from the treadmill manufacturer. This happens through a specialized process that 'melts' the logo inside the top cover without affecting the belt's cover structure. 

  • Low friction & waxed fabrics available

Featured treadmill belts:

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