For some countries unnecessary thanks to the abundance of snow and mountains, but for others the only way of practicing the sport: indoor skiing opens doors for winter sport enthusiasts around the globe. Whether it is to prepare for the first real visit to the snow, or to improve skills on professional level, indoor skiing machines make skiing accessible to everyone without needing mountains, snow or space.

YONGLI has developed specialized indoor skiing belts. These exceptionally wide belts can be fabricated up to a width of 8000 mm. Their superior lateral stability ensures a stable performance while the low noise fabrics minimize the friction on the conveyor's slider bed. Indoor skiing belts are later laminated with a specialized carpet that simulates the effect of carving through the snow.

  • Widths up to 8000 mm

    By adding multiple longitudinal joints inside the fabricated belt, widths of 8000 mm can be achieved. Even with such longitudinal joints, the belt's thickness and transversal rigidity remains stable all over the belt.

  • Good transversal rigidity

    Even with widths that go up to 8000mm, YONGLI indoor skiing belts have great transversal rigidity to ensure steady performance at all times.

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