Delivery speed and operational stability is of vital importance for the e-commerce and express parcel industry. In many countries, digital communication methods have significantly reduced the amounts of envelopes being sent, while the exploded embracement of e-commerce has introduced new challenges and opportunities to both national postal services and international parcel delivery companies.

Many of today's semi- or fully automated warehouses and postal services are working 24/7 to collect, transfer, sort and pack all shipments to ensure same- or next day delivery. With one of the widest product ranges of logistics belts on the market today, many industry leading OEM's behind the realization of these complex systems already rely on the conveyor belts from YONGLI.

  • ISO-340 flame retardant

    YONGLI produces conveyor belts with flame-retardant top cover coatings according to the ISO 340 standard. The ISO 340 regulations describes that, if a belt catches fire, flames must be extinguished within 15 seconds.

  • Low-noise belt fabrics

    Especially in environments with many belts running at high belt speeds this can generate a lot of noise. By using a special fabric composition this sliding noise is heavily reduced.

  • Strong product portfolio

    With one of the widest ranges of logistics belts YONGLI can supply the right product for all common applications. With new product development never standing still, YONGLI is always keen to develop new products to improve performance, increase output or reduce environmental impact.

  • Proven reliability

    Thanks to a proven track record and a strong collaboration with international OEM's in this field YONGLI is often the preferred partner of choice for logistics projects in Asia. Nowadays YONGLI's strong position in Asia also quickly opens doors in the global market.

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