Based on years of experience in the production of conveyor belts, YONGLI has developed a broad range of belting products suitable for the specific demands of the meat and seafood processing industry. Whether it is for cutting meat or packaging fish, YONGLI gives top priority to the hygienic requirements of conveyor belts.

In order to ensure the maximum food safety and effective cleanability, YONGLI's monolithic positive and tension drive belts comply to the highest standards of safe and sustainable food conveying.

Synthetic conveyor belts have the possibility to be fully sealed by coating the top- and bottom cover while sealing the belt's edges with polyurethane or PVC, leaving fraying or liquid penetration to be a problem of the past.

  • EU, FDA and Japan Food compliance

    Belts that come into direct contact with (unpacked) food should comply to strict regulations. When intended for use in the food industry, the various types of top cover materials are tested to comply with these regulations. Testing happens by globally accepted institutes according to FDA, EU and Japan standards.

  • Excellent oil- and fat resistance

    The TPU synthetic and monolithic belts used in the meat & seafood industry are designed to ensure excellent oil resistance. This enhances the belt's lifetime and ensures a stable performance.

  • Hydrolysis resistance

    Frequent steam- and water-based cleaning can accelerate the aging of the conveyor belt, especially with standard TPU belts. YONGLI's premium TPU belts are hydrolysis resistant, suitable for use in warm, wet and humid environments.

  • Anti microbial

    Anti-microbial TPU belts effectively reduce bacteria spread, even during the belt’s operation. The anti-microbial components are in line with FDA, EU and Japan food grade directives.

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