Whether it is the hotel lobby floor, kitchen countertop or bathroom wall, marble is often one of the show pieces in every interior. Behind the unique signature and excellent smoothness of marble lies an often highly industrial production process.

From raw block cutting to the polishing of marble plates, conveyor belts play an essential role in the production process. Considering the product weights, conveyor belts must be very strong and highly wear resistant. YONGLI marble belts have a special fabric construction to ensure superior strength and minimal elongation.

  • Excellent wear resistance

    The combination of high strength fabrics and the right PVC composition ensures good wear resistance in the often high demanding marble applications.

  • Durable and long service life

    Thanks to a good understanding of the industry, YONGLI's marble belts are purposely designed to ensure an optimal service life. 

  • High tensile strenght

    The often 3 or 4 plied belt fabrics are especially designed to carry the exceptionally high product load that is commonly found in the marble industry.

  • Strong impact resistance

    YONGLI marble belts are designed to be able to withstand impacts that may happen during the conveying or polishing of marble. 


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