Globally, one of the most used ways of insulating homes or commercial buildings, is by the use of mineral- or stone wool. Behind the truckloads of insulation material that leave the factory each day, lies a comprehensive production process with a great deal of belting challenges. 

YONGLI is one the few manufacturers with belts that are especially designed for the insulation industry. YONGLI insulation belts ensure great transversal rigidity for the often wide belting widths and are designed to guarantee a high product lifetime.

  • ISO-340 flame retardant

    If required, YONGLI insulation belts can be produced with flame-retardant top cover coatings according to the ISO 340 standard. 

  • Good transversal rigidity

    Many conveyor belts in the insulation industry are often extremely wide. In order to ensure a steady performance and an extended lifetime, YONGLI conveyor belts offer good transversal rigidity even in the most challenging applications.

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