In recent years the horticultural industry has seen major developments in terms of scale increase and automatization. In the various phases of the horticultural processes, from cultivation and potting to harvesting and shipping, conveyor belts play a vital role.

In greenhouses, potted flowers often cover enormous distances on one single belt. Due to the extremely long distances, and the often narrow belt widths, belt elongation could have a catastrophic effect. Thanks to the many years of hands-on experience, YONGLI has designed special belt fabrics that eliminate the risk of elongation.

This is just one of the many custom solutions YONGLI has to offer within the horticulture industry. Contact us to learn more about which solutions YONGLI can offer to ensure optimal product friendliness towards your vulnerable crops.

  • Suitable for accumulation

    In greenhouses, potted plants are often accumulating on the belt. A process that can be catastrophic if the wrong belt has been chosen. Too much friction between the belt's top surface and the conveyed product could lead to premature belt breakdown or could harm the conveying process. By understanding the process, YONGLI can select the right belt for the right application.

  • Stretch free fabrics

    Long conveying distances on relatively small belts could lead to elongation problems if the load of the belt is too high. This is often seen in greenhouses with the transportation of potted flowers. The introduction of special stretch free fabrics have made this to be a problem of the past.

  • Protection of vulnerable crops

    When carrying flower bouquets or other vulnerable products, the product should not get damaged while its being conveyed. The numerous possibilities to prevent this from happening can be best discussed on during the design process of the machine, contact YONGLI for advice.


Specialist in horticultural mechanization

Globally, one of the leading countries in the mechanization of the horticulture industry is the Netherlands. From history, YONGLI's local branches that are part of the globally operating YONGLI Belting Group, have been at the forefront of this development.

By succesful partnerships with OEM's inside the horticulture industry YONGLI has been producing many custom made belting solutions used on machines that are exported allover the world. 

Interested in what YONGLI can offer for your belting challenge? Please consult your local sales representative.


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