Since its establishment in 1989, the YONGLI Belting Group is a specialized manufacturer of light duty conveyor belts. YONGLI boasts a complete product range of conveyor belts coated with PVC, TPU, TPO, TPEE and Silicon applicable in various kinds of industries.

YONGLI has built a solid reputation by designing, manufacturing and fabricating high quality products in an innovative way for a variety of markets, including: food, logistics, airport, tobacco, automotive, wood and many more.

YONGLI has been present in the conveyor belt industry for more than 30 years. By offering excellent product quality, the company has enjoyed a consistent growth in China, Asia Pacific, Europe, America and beyond. Nowadays, YONGLI is operating its belting business in all major markets, either by its own branch companies or through authorized local partners. 

The accumulation of more than 30 years of belting experience has allowed YONGLI to fully understand the customer’s requirements, ultimately leading to better products and better service.

The story of YONGLI
From our very first conveyor belts back in 1989 to our globally operating company today. Learn more about our dynamic organization by watching our corporate video

Think global, Act local

YONGLI has a strong international presence with customers in over 60 countries covering all major continents. YONGLI has its own global production sites in China and the Netherlands. End users and OEM’s are supplied by local YONGLI branch companies spread all over the world. Besides the own branches, YONGLI serves customers across the globe with the help of an extensive distributor network.


Keep moving forward

Market demand is continuously changing, and in a global market, circumstances may vary in each continent. With a very customer-centric approach and a strong dedication to new product development, YONGLI is actively seeking for new possibilities to improve and expand its product offering.

Today’s investments in Research & Development facilitate tomorrow’s growth. This is why YONGLI keeps investing in new production machinery and new production methods. 

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