YONGLI introduces: YONGLI HygienePro

For decades, the food industry has been striving to optimize food safety standards and at the same time increasing production speeds and minimizing downtime. Meanwhile, the growing awareness on health, well-being and sustainability puts even more emphasis on the sourcing and processing of food. Therefore YONGLI proudly introduces a range of products that guarantee the highest standards of safe and sustainable food transportation: YONGLI HygienePro.

The HygienePro range consists of both friction drive and positive drive belts made of thermoplastic Polyurethane and Polyester from globally renowned suppliers, and meet the EU, FDA and Japanese foodgrade regulations.

A Positive drive belt is driven by sprockets that engage with a toothed structure underneath the belt. The belt doesn’t require tension to operate smoothly without jumping or slippage. This ensures a longer lifetime of the belt and many conveyor parts.

The hygienic design reduces the risk of product contamination. At the same time it allows effective cleaning in less time, using less water, and less cleaning agent. 

One of the widest product ranges available on the market today, is divided into three sub series: HygienePro Max, Plus and Lite


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